Welcome to JouriParfum

After 15 years of experience in the perfume industry, JOURI was born out of passion and experience as attribute to perfume lovers and Connoisseurs to provide a niche fragrance line to customers who are looking for something different. In a market saturated with either French perfume that treat all our customers as Arabic perfumes that cater to the traditional Arabic women and not the evolving Arabic Oriental taste.

The JOURI perfume flacon design seamlessly combines the past and future and captures the essence of Dubai. The high gloss glass has been eroded as though it has spent years laying deep in the desert being slowly worn down by drifting sand. The blending of luxury and heritage come together to form a unique and exclusive representation of modern life in the progressive environment of Dubai.

All of our remarkable perfumes are created with sophisticated and advanced manufacturing processes and by the hands of finest people in the market. This extensive care and attention with 100% authenticity that we use is all to make our customers satisfied.

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